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    Sleep Zen™ - Sleep Mask Sound 3D

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    Sleep Zen™ - Sleep Mask Sound 3D

    What Our Customers Think

    order yours today & join our 100's of happy customers enjoying better sleep

    This mask works really well, both at blocking out the light and providing speakers for me to play my sleep music 😀. This really did help with my insomnia and I am getting more restful sleep. Highly recommend🔥

    I recommend anyone to buy this product, earphones works pretty well, play calm music to help you sleep 😴 . It's not difficult to put on, not too tight or too loose.

    It blocks out 100% of the light, and fits comfortably around my nose. It's comfortable and there are no hard pieces that you lean on when you sleep. The sound is also great. I also bought another one for my wife. She loves it too🙂 .

    After adjusting the ear pieces and getting the fit right, it was perfect. Easy to link to devices too. A good purchase. I live in Johannesburg and I got mine in 2 days. Happy Customer 😃.

    This is perfect for what it does! I absolutely have to have my eyes covered and some music playing when I sleep. I could never have the music loud enough because it would disturb my wife. So, I always struggled sleeping. This mask solved that problem! 👏🏻😃.

    I’ve had mine for about a week now and have used in in bed and in an airplane - flawless! I won’t need to use my AirPods in bed again. Charging was easy and the comfort level was really good. I never felt smothered and there was what I’d call a ‘comfort area” for my eyes 😀.

    This sleep mask is really nice. Comfortable and soft. It is adjustable to fit your head size. The headphones are also adjustable. They do take a little patience to get the right position but once you find the right spot for you, you don't feel them when lying on your side 🔥.

    This Bluetooth mask is great it feels so soft and comfortable around your head. Then to listen to some soothing sounds to help me fall asleep with no problems. I would highly recommend if you need to help fall asleep 👏🏾🔥

    I have only had this a short time, but so far love it. The block out eye mask is absolutely perfect, I have only used the music feature once and it's great for relaxing 😃.

    Benefits Of Using The Sleep Zen™ - Sleep Mask Sound 3D

    • Sleep soundly

      The natural, drug-free solution for better sleep

    • Improved mood

      Because better sleep means better everything

    • Reduced stress & anxiety

      Calm your body & mind by listening to relaxing sounds

    • Increased focus & energy

      Wake up refreshed, ready to tackle your busy day!

    What Makes Sleep Zen Sleep Zen™ - Sleep Mask Sound 3D Better?


    Yes! All electronic components are removable: you can take those out, put the sleep mask in the washer, and easily assemble again once it has dried.

    Yes! We've just updated our battery technology to allow for up to 3 full nights of playtime on a single charge. After around 4 hours with no music or sounds playing, the system automatically goes in to standby to save battery. 

    Our 3D Sleep Mask with memory foam padding and its contoured design ensures a blissful night's sleep. Crafted from lightweight, breathable materials, it feels as comfortable as your favorite pajamas. Created with long nights in mind, it's tailored to meet your comfort needs, providing uninterrupted rest and relaxation.

    It is is designed with comfortable fabric and ultra-thin speakers so you can wear it all night, without waking up in pain from traditional earphones.

    Our Sleep mask features an adjustable Velcro strap that provides a secure fit for all head sizes, eliminating the need for measuring or guessing your size. It's designed to effortlessly accommodate everyone, ensuring a comfortable and customized fit.

    The charging port is hidden under the padded fabric, easily accessible with the included USB cable. Unlike other sleep headphones on the market, there's no need to pull out the whole charging unit.

    We are a proudly South African brand based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    We have partnered with a trusted courier company "The Courier Guy", who will deliver your order in 3-5 working days.


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