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    Sleep Zen's Tips For Better Sleep

    Tips For Better Sleep - Sleep Zen South Africa - Sleep Zen
    You can get a good night's sleep by practicing excellent sleeping habits, sometimes known as "sleep hygiene".

    Following behaviors can help you sleep better:

    • Be consistent. Put your alarm on the same time every morning, including on the weekends, and go to bed at the same time.
    • Make sure your bedroom is peaceful, dark, cozy, and silent. You can use a sleep headband/mask from Sleep Zen to help make your surroundings dark.
    • Use calming sleep sounds or white noise to help you fall asleep faster. The Sleep Zen UltraSoft Sleepband is perfect for listening to sounds in bed as the ultra thin speakers are comfortable for a side sleeper and the sleepband can be used as a sleep mask to block out light.
    • Limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol before going to bed.
    • Take a workout. Being active throughout the day can make it easier for you to sleep at night.
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