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    Sleep Zen User Manual


    Welcome to the Sleep Zen Family! Here is our guide to help you utilize the Sleep Zen Sleep Headband & Sleep Zen Sleep Mask Pro. Our goal is to improve your quality of sleep & enjoy a better night’s rest, every single night.



    â—Ź Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
    ● Compatible with SIRI’s voice commands on iOS devices.
    â—Ź Built-In microphone to answer phone calls.
    â—Ź Standby Mode to save battery life and option to hear an alarm, if set by the user.
    â—Ź All electronic components are removable for easy washing.
    â—Ź Rechargeable through universal Micro-USB cable, included with purchase.



    • Wireless Version: V5.0
    • Frequency: 2.402 GHZ - 2.480GHz
    • Rated Power: RMS 10mWx2
    • Speaker Unit: 32/33mm
    • Battery: 3.7V 180mAh Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery
    • Standby Time: Over 120 Hours
    • Play Time: Over 12 Hours
    • Charge Time: 2 Hours
    • With Over-Current, Overcharge & Overheat Circuit Protection Design on PCB



    • Fully charge the battery before using your Sleep Zen Sleep Headband for the first time.
    • Use the USB cable (included with purchase) and plug the small end into the charging port of the band. Here are images below to locate the charging ports in the Sleep Zen Sleep Headband & Mask :
      Sleep Headband Charging                                       Sleep Mask Charging

              Sleep Headband                                             Sleep Mask

    • Click here to watch a video on how to charge your sleep headband.
    • Now plug the larger end of the USB cable into your PC or Laptop.
    • While charging, there will be a red LED status light on the control panel.
    • It will take about 2 hours for the battery to become fully charged. You will know it’s complete, when the red light on the control panel changes to blue.




    • Hold down the Play/Pause button  for 4 seconds to turn on your Sleep Zen Sleep Headband .


    • Hold down the Play/Pause button  for 4 seconds to shut off your Sleep Zen Sleep Headband .


    1. Hold down the play button  located on the control panel for 4 seconds until you see a red and blue flashing light.
    2. Open your settings on your phone or device and find the Bluetooth section.
    3. Once there, click on search for a new device.
    4. After your Bluetooth searches for a new device, there will be a list of names. Find and select the name “BT-01”, to pair with your Sleep Zen Sleep Headband .
    5. If a password is requested, use: 0000.
    6. Next time you turn on the Sleep Zen Sleep Headband, it will automatically connect to your device.
    7. Keep note, the Sleep Zen Sleep Headband will shut down after 3 minutes, if the connection fails.


    • To take an incoming call, press the Play/Pause  button. If you are listening to music, it will automatically stop.
    • To end a call, press the Play/Pause  button.
    • You also have the option to re-dial the most recent number on your call history, simply double click the Play/Pause  button.
    • To reject an incoming call, long press the Play/Pause  button for 2 seconds.


    • Select your music or sounds from your phone, via YouTube, music apps, sleep sound apps, ASMR apps, and more from your phone or device. You can use the buttons on your control panel to Play/Pause or Skip.

    ACTIVATE SIRI (on iOS devices):

    • Double click the  button.



    1.  Volume Up (long press) ; Next Song (short press)
    2.  Volume Down (long press) ; Previous Song (short press)
    3.  Power on & Power off (long press)
    4.  Play or Pause (short press)
    5.  Answer or Hang Up (short press)
    6.  Redial (double click)


    Both the Sleep Zen Bluetooth Sleep Headband and Mask are machine washable and safe to put in the dryer. All electrical components are removable and easy to re-assemble once the band is completely dried. Here are the video tutorials to help guide you.Please see below:


    • Sleep Zen Bluetooth Sleep Mask



    We provide a 3 month warranty with every purchase. This covers any mechanical defects as well as minor rips/tears in the Sleep Zen Bluetooth Sleep Headband/Mask



    • DO NOT expose the product to liquids or moisture.
    • DO NOT attempt to drop, open, scratch the product or anything that could compromise the integrity of the electronic components.
    • DO NOT store the product near acidic or alkaline materials.
    • Remove the electronic components before washing.
    • Keep away from fire.
    • NOTE: If the product has not been used for 3-6 months, you must charge it for 3-4 hours before use.



    To contact our customer support team, we can gladly assist you by:
    1. WhatsApp: 
    2. Email:
    For more information on your Sleep Zen Bluetooth Sleep Headband/Mask, please visit the link below:
    For information on our Refund Policy, please visit the link below:


    To our customer,
    We want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your purchase. We are committed to providing superior customer service and quality product satisfaction! We wish you the best.



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